Winner - Steve Segedy & Games on Demand

“Steve Segedy and Games on Demand: Over more than twelve years, Games on Demand has grown and grown, running hundreds if not thousands of gaming sessions at conventions, and have inspired even more ‘on-demand’ event types.

They revolutionised how rpgs, especially indie rpgs, are played at cons and provide a gathering place and focal point where so many designers, game-runners and players have met and become friends.”

From the Winner
“On behalf of the many, many hard-working volunteers who make Games on Demand happen, thanks very much for this honor!

Since it was first created (in 2006 by Kat and Michael Miller at Gen Con) Games on Demand has grown widely and now serves huge crowds of eager gamers every year.

We couldn’t do it without our dedicated organizers, hosts, and GMs.
- Steve”